Important Safety Information for Healthcare Professionals

DO NOT use TRUEresult®, TRUE2go® or TRUEtest™ products for patients receiving the following treatments:

  • Peritoneal dialysis using solutions containing icodextrin (Extraneal®, Icodial®) that is metabolized to maltose,
  • Injections or infusions of solutions containing galactose or maltose, including some human immunoglobulin preparations (Octagam® 5%, WinRho® SDF Liquid, or HepaGam B™),
  • Xylose absorption testing,
  • Intravenous solutions containing maltose,
  • Any drugs that contain or metabolize to maltose, galactose, or xylose (Orencia®, ADEPT® or BEXXAR®).
Using TRUEresult®, TRUE2go® or TRUEtest™ products when receiving the above treatments may cause false high glucose results. False high results may lead to inappropriate therapy, which may result in coma or death. For more information:

Safe Practice Recommendations for Healthcare Professionals:

  • At patient admission/presentation and periodically throughout the patient's stay at the facility, assess the presence and use of therapies containing interfering drugs (see above).
  • Use only laboratory methods for monitoring blood glucose levels in patients receiving interfering drugs.
  • If there are pre-print order sets for patients receiving interfering drugs, include a prescription to test blood glucose using only laboratory methods.
  • Establish facility protocols to verify point-of-care (bedside) blood glucose results with laboratory results for patients who are unresponsive or unable to communicate.

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