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Prestige Smart System® test strips and Prestige IQ® blood glucose meter have been discontinued, however, we will continue to provide support for your meter and test strips.


  • Wider for easier handling
  • Small sample size
  • Shaded test spot makes it easy to see where to apply blood
  • Color spot indicates when strip is filled
  • 50- and 100- count sizes

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With its extra large, easy-to-read display, the Prestige IQ® blood glucose meter is the perfect complement to the affordable, easy-to-use Prestige Smart System® test strips.
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NEVER reuse Test Strips. NEVER wipe Test Strips with water, alcohol or any cleaner. DO NOT attempt to remove blood or control sample from Test Strips or clean Test Strips and reuse. Reuse of Test Strips will cause inaccurate results.

* Data on file with Nipro Diagnostics, Inc.

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