Important Safety Information

This product has been discontinued in the United States and US Territories. Please return to your place of purchase to upgrade to the TRUE METRIX Self Monitoring Blood Glucose System or call 1-800-803-6025 for more information regarding this product discontinuation.

If you use peritoneal dialysis solutions containing icodextrin (such as EXTRANEAL®, Icodial®) or take certain immunoglobulin therapies that contain maltose (such as Octagam® 5%, WinRho® SDF Liquid, or HepaGam B™) or other therapies that contain or metabolize to maltose, galactose or xylose (Orencia®, ADEPT® or BEXXAR®), your glucose meter results will be inaccurate if you use a GDH-PQQ enzyme-based meter system to measure the presence of glucose in your blood. These substances can interfere with the TRUEresult®, TRUE2go® and TRUEtest™ blood glucose monitoring products and can cause falsely elevated blood glucose results.

Please see the owner’s booklets for TRUE2go®, TRUEresult® and the instructions for use for TRUEtest™ strips for more information.

For further information on Trividia Health products, please call our customer care at 1-800-803-6025.

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For more information on EXTRANEAL (Icodextrin) and blood glucose testing, visit Baxter’s Glucose Safety Website at

Healthcare professionals, please click here for further information.

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