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Solutions for healthier looking skin

For people with diabetes, using the right products for proper skin care maintenance is the easiest way to prevent severe skin problems. Common complications, such as nerve damage and poor circulation, make diabetics more susceptible to untreated skin infections that do not heal. TRUEplus® Diabetics’ Skin Care products target specific needs, including moderate skin dryness, severe dry, rough skin and cracked feet.

Featuring Aqua Drop™, a skin protectant formula that increases water content leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy, visibly improving skin’s appearance.

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  • Unique, silky formula spreads easily and absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling hydrated
  • Develops a protective barrier, trapping moisture and softening skin
  • Light-weight
  • Made in USA


  • Protects and improves skin barrier function
  • Traps moisture and hydrates for healthier appearance
  • Soothes, relieves and softens dry, rough skin
  • Made in USA


  • Helps relieve cracked skin
  • Retains moisture and hydrates, attracting water to cells, and trapping moisture
  • Leaves feet with visibly smoother looking texture
  • Made in USA

Diabetics' Daily Hydrating Lotion Moisturizes, Hydrates And Softens For All Skin Types

TRUEplus® Diabetics’ Daily Hydrating Lotion is ideal for daily use and all skin types. Featuring Aqua Drop™, this light-weight, silky formula spreads easily developing a protective barrier to trap moisture and soften, leaving skin feeling hydrated.

Diabetics' Intensive Moisturizing Cream Protects, Hydrates, And Softens For Extra-Dry Skin

TRUEplus® Diabetics’ Intensive Moisturizing Cream is ideal for dry, rough skin. Featuring Aqua Drop™, this specially designed formula improves hydration and protects skin while it soothes, relieves and softens, visibly improving skin appearance.

Diabetics' Foot Care Cream Relieves, Protects, And Softens For Dry, Rough, Cracked Feet

TRUEplus® Diabetics’ Foot Care Cream is ideal for dry, rough, cracked feet. Featuring Aqua Drop™ and a combination of ingredients, the specially designed formula improves hydration and protects feet while emollient properties relieve, soothe, and soften, visibly improving skin appearance.

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