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Rated 10 Out Of 10

TRUEplus® Single-Use Insulin Syringes are backed by a 10 out of 10 rating in laboratory testing*, and are an affordable, quality solution to promote compliance and safety.


  • Silicone-coated, quality needles, with no burrs or surface imperfections
  • No dead space in the barrel for accurate dosing
  • Tri-beveled, precision-cut needle tip for a more comfortable injection experience
  • Available in a variety of gauges and sizes for greater comfort

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TRUEplus® Single-Use Insulin Syringes are available under the TRUEplus® brand as well as the brand name of your favorite retailer.

* Technically Advanced Quality Assurance Evaluation Report, conducted by UL-STR, 2013. TRUEplus® Single-Use Insulin Syringes (28- and 31-gauge) received a top score of 10 out of 10 and were rated comparable to same-gauge syringes from BD, Monoject, and Ulticare.

Our TRUE portfolio of products is available at your favorite retail store or mail service provider.


Click here for information on contacting customer care. You will also find information product troubleshooting and videos, as well as printing log booklets and ordering control solution.