Important Safety Information

This product has been discontinued in the United States and US Territories. Please return to your place of purchase to upgrade to the TRUE METRIX® Self Monitoring Blood Glucose System or call 1-800-803-6025 for more information regarding this product discontinuation.

If you use peritoneal dialysis solutions containing icodextrin (such as EXTRANEAL®, Icodial®) or take certain immunoglobulin therapies that contain maltose (such as Octagam® 5%, WinRho® SDF Liquid, or HepaGam B™) or other therapies that contain or metabolize to maltose, galactose or xylose (Orencia®, ADEPT® or BEXXAR®), your glucose meter results will be inaccurate if you use a GDH-PQQ enzyme-based meter system to measure the presence of glucose in your blood. These substances can interfere with the TRUEresult®, TRUE2go® and TRUEtest™ blood glucose monitoring products and can cause falsely elevated blood glucose results.

Please see the owner’s booklets for TRUE2go®, TRUEresult® and the instructions for use for TRUEtest™ strips for more information.

For further information on Trividia Health products, please call our customer care at 1-800-803-6025 or visit Customer Care.

For more information on EXTRANEAL (Icodextrin) and blood glucose testing, visit Baxter’s Glucose Safety Website at

Healthcare professionals, please click here for further information.